Passing on a huge success here in Collier County FL. on Tuesday! Our brave and wise commissioners with the help of active citizens and Karen Kingston achieved a unanimous 5 vote win to cancel the grant from the CDC and send back all money received. Obviously, the CDC has lost our trust!! We want conflicted federal government bureaucrats and their corrupted health agencies OUT OF OUR HEALTHCARE AND OUT OF OUR COMMUNITY! Our next step is to meet with the county Sheriff that will have a investigating panel to discuss the crimes against our citizens and how they can help us seek justice. We believe that this will open the doors for many counties here in Florida that have been effected by covid tyranny as well as others across the country.

Here are the highlights from Karen Kingston:


It can be done!

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Jefferey, your investigative skills are 2nd to none. You’ve presented so much information on The Highwire about not only the failure of these shots to perform as advertised but overwhelming evidence of there danger, that nobody can think this action by the CDC is a simple case of good intentions mistakenly undertaken. Neither do I believe that their actions can be explained by lust for money.

As I’m certain you know, there is no small amount of evidence that this whole plandemic is a DOD operation from the start. I’m unable to do a deep enough analysis of this information to conclude whether or not this is true. Something I’m certain you could do. Granted, a deep rabbit hole and you and Del are, admirably, careful not to portray information you’re not completely certain about, but the world needs to know, in no uncertain terms, the truth of the why and how of this, not just the what.

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